Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Ravencliffe Bride by Dawn Thompson

As the coach flies up the Cornish coast, Sara sees the end of her journey: Ravencliff Manor. But what sort of man would rescue her from debtors prison by marriage, sight unseen, by proxy? Obviously, a wretch—the same sort of man who lets a strange, wolf-like creature roam his grounds as if it were master. Of course, Sara would have accepted the proposal of the Devil himself to get out of Fleet, so she is resigned to her fate. Then she meets her husband, hair black as sin and a handsome face, and all her assurance vanishes. What strange curse has befallen Nicholas Walraven, and what secrets does he hide? For good or ill, she is now…THE RAVENCLIFF BRIDE

356 pages
Originally Published in 2005 by Love Spell
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